Think less – Feel more

Who am I

Polaroid photos of Zlatko.

A question everyone should ask. Not once in a lifetime, nor once in a year. But daily. Multiple times a day. Verily, it should be your mantra whispering as you do your daily errands.

My whole life‘s journey has been consumed by this reverberating thought of “Who are you!”, continuously reminding me of its importance and its purpose. It was tusking me in uncertain times when I was feeling pray from the shackles of society.

Illusory values of statuses, possessions, and relations, never resonated with me. Contemplation of the world inside me comes only naturally to me. There, I find the truth.

But I don‘t close my eyes to the physical world. It has its relevance into the grand scheme of reality. And knowing what is real, I learned to play with life, and not get hooked. I learned to be practical, and not get affected by relative truths. I learned that this is a playground to experience duality, but also a chance to see unity in diversity.

So, who am I?

In this life, I‘m Zlatko Najdenovski, and society knows me as the freelance web designer, the traveller to eastern lands, the founder of Tribevibe, the fitness appreciator, the philosopher, the musician, the lover, and in the past, the enjoyer of the subtle differences between various blends of whiskey.

But those have merely been my piled-up inclinations, waiting to get expressed in this life, throughout this body. What truly makes me is something completely different.

So, let‘s start with what I‘m not. I‘m not the mind. I‘m not even this body. Most of the inclinations are not even mine but repressed ancestral wishes trying to express through me. As I fulfil them, there is one thing left:

The purpose I took this body is to manifest my unique consciousness, to share it with you, and to show you how beautiful it is.

Because I‘m not from this epoch. This is a time of illusions. In the east known as Kali Yuga, the age of darkness and dissolution, of lies and deceit.

But what I also know is that while everything seems dark and hopeless, we are light and come from light. In fact, since you are reading this, you came here not by chance, but by guidance. Because we are all in this together, guiding each other.

What is my mission?

With the help of this blog, I‘ll use my life‘s chance to express the consciousness from my time and translate it into practical bits of advice suitable for this time.

Because for 37 years living in this body, I‘ve witnessed people do the same mistakes, times and again. But as Albert said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.” I will point out the essence of such problems. Because if we try to solve our difficulties with the help of relative truths, we will suffer. The solutions lie not outside us, but inside us. And there, we are not what our mind thinks we are.

Let‘s begin this journey.

・— ✦ —・