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28 May

Bringing magical decisions

Bringing magical decisions
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For the fundamental decisions in life, I dare not use logic. If that approach makes you gobsmacked, it‘s because of your mind. But, are you the mind?

I‘ve seen people, near and dear, pushing themselves to a mental dead-end, paralyzed and not able to bring a decision. I‘ve been there, but I‘ve found a way out because I got to the source of it—our mind.

The mind is capable of creating deadlock situations in our heads. And the ingredients to prepare such a bitter decoction are trapped emotions, largely connected to fear, creating voices in our heads that are not even ours in the first place.

We‘ll deal with those emotions and voices in separate writing. But for now, I will only tell you: Those are not you, they do not define you, and it‘s not your fault that you have them.

If we tirelessly struggle to apply logic in every situation, we create a dissonance between us and life. Because logic—no matter how useful—it‘s not fully applicable in life. When it comes to a life-changing decision, there are too many variables and permutations that our logical mind cannot grasp, nor foresee. And thus we come to a perplexing conclusion:

Life is not logical. Therefore, it‘s not logical to use logic in life.

Take a deep breath and let this paradox sink in. Are you reading that phrase again? I knew it.

Where does magic begin?

It happens right at the moment when you realize everything is outside your control. So, why bother using the mind? Why fake control, when we know the outcomes are out of control?

Digging deeper, you‘ll also realize that there is no decision to be made at all. Like it or not, a future situation is bound to happen. And if you don‘t meddle with your mind into it, you‘ll allow it to unfold in its most magical way that your mind cannot even grasp.

Try to attune yourself to the future scenario that you feel might happen. Use imagination to see yourself there. Be aware of each detail. And feel. How do you feel?

If the feelings you experience are confusing, then that‘s what life will give you—a confusing future experience because that‘s what you subconsciously demanded. And then you‘ll blame God and shout out that life is not fair. But life is the most objective mirror of yourself. It teaches and aligns you. I know this because I received plenty of merciless, but righteous lessons from life.

On the other hand, if the future scenario gives you feelings that are crystal clear, then you are perfectly aligned. That barely ever happens, thus I‘ll assume you are somewhere in the middle. And that‘s fine. If there is tiny confusion left in your thoughts and feelings as you envision your future, life will create a situation where it‘ll open you an opportunity to sort it out. As for the rest, enjoy the ride. And remember…

There are no mistakes in life, but countless opportunities to learn, grow, and become a better human being.

Let us all be liberated by the notion that we make mistakes, and we get punished for that. There is no such thing. There is no punishing God. It‘s just our minds creating a false reality based on foreign concepts that we‘ve picked up from society. Let us attune to this truth, and live to our highest potential. We deserve it.

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