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11 Jun

Leap of faith

Leap of faith
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Transformation is waiting for you, and you want to embrace it, yet your mind tells you, “Have you gone mad?” But inside you, there is a feeble voice eager to leap. You feel torn between two worlds.

I know a few friends and relatives who have talked for years about being willing to make significant changes in their lives. Their excuse? “That‘s not possible. My current situation doesn‘t allow it.”

Indeed, their situation is complex. I‘ve also had complex situations. I‘m sure you had them too. But if we want to make a foundational shift in our lives, I see no reason how we should build it upon an old foundation. The commonly-known saying, “If you want to learn to swim, jump into the water.” starts to make sense.

But it‘s hard. For the mind, that is. Inner voices begin to echo, “That‘s not possible. I can‘t drop everything. I‘ve been working hard to achieve all this. What will my friends say? Who will accept me?” — signs that the mind is scared and threatened. It‘s the survival instinct. The fear of losing. Dependence. Ownership. Mind, mind, mind. But you shouldn‘t be scared because you are not the mind.

How strong is your faith?

The thing that makes us hold on to our comfort zone comes from the mind. But the voice that urges us to grow is our true self. Hence, the battle for a better version of ourselves has always been between fear and faith.

In life, we must let go of the old to make space for the new. If we hold on to both, we will be torn apart mentally and emotionally.

Divine helpers give us numerous chances to live to our fullest potential. That‘s why we took bodies. And instead of succumbing to the mind, this is our chance to ask ourselves, “Can I trust myself? Can I rely on this frail voice inside me? Can I trust in God and the Universe for this?” Yes, yes, and yes.

Once you‘ve made this declaration, the ship is undocked. The comfort zone is gone. God is happy to take away everything you are ready to trade-off for a better version of yourself. It‘s time to sail into uncharted waters.

What happened? You emptied yourself from the unneeded burden you‘ve been carrying for ages. Your possessions in the form of skills, values, beliefs, relationships, and preferences, became less meaningful for the choice you just made with the help of your faith.

You decided to trust yourself instead of your mind and plunged into the unknown. You are building a new foundation. You‘ll experience a liberating feeling and a burst of inspiration and creativity. Yet you‘ll hear the same old voices echoing from time to time, who will want to pull you back but remember: Those voices are not yours. Your authentic voice is the one who wants to see you grow. And growth always happens when you are outside your comfort zone. Therefore, trust life that whenever you feel weak and need support, you‘ll receive guidance at the proper time.

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