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9 Jul

Mind the little promises

Mind the little promises
Ilustration by
Ryan Marinay

For this writing, I‘m going to be succinct; no stories, no metaphors, but straight to the point. How many times a friend has told you, “I‘ll write you back”, “Let‘s meet tomorrow” and ”See ya!” only to end up not writing back, and not seeing or meeting with you?

Please don‘t blame them. We live in a period where velocity of time is increasing exponentially. The speed is not objective though, since in essence, time is an illusion. But since we have bodies, we experience the time continuum as real, and because of that, we must respect time. We must respect other‘s people time too.

Our perception of time is at a pace where our mind cannot catch up anymore, which diminishes our attention span to less than a goldfish. When our attention is at risk, the words we pronounce lose their meaning. But words are meant to be fulfilled, no?

This is important. Because when we pronounce a word, it gets programmed onto our unconscious. If a word with an intention is not fulfilled, it becomes a pending matter and a false promise.

We might not feel it consciously, but over time, such unfulfilled pending promises begin to show signs and manifest in our conscious everyday life. We become careless, insensitive, and our conscience gets contaminated. As such, we wake up every next day realising that the world gets shaped in the same direction; careless, insensitive, and full of false promises.

But we mustn‘t forget that the world is a mirror of ourselves. The purpose of us experiencing duality is because it helps us learn by seeing ourselves in that mirror, and grow up. Therefore…

If you want to grow up and live in awareness and conscience, you either fulfil the little promises, or shut up.

So, next time a friend meets you on the streets, and they utter the common unconscious declaration, “See ya!” you respond with, “When? At what time? For how long?”

Be precise. Set the day, the time, and even the duration. This will trigger their attention, and shake up their absence of awareness. Remember, the world is a mirror of yourself. By setting an example toward another, you also change yourself. And vice-versa.

Live with intention. Live in awareness.

・— ✦ —・